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Prisoner of the Pyramid


Within hollow moon

Goddess plan to break the fall

a second coming.


Time has not permeated the pyramid. The King’s clothing and personal belongings left there for the journey to the next world are preserved as they were when the tomb was sealed. Tall earthenware pots with the remains of seeds, grain, dried fruits, olive oil and water stand near to a casket containing gold and silver ornaments and precious stones. The eerie silence is broken only by footsteps in the gloom.

Mani, the King’s High Priest and Seer was interred with the King to accompany him on his journey in spirit, but now he is stuck without time. For what seemed like an eternity he had tried to find a way out of the pyramid but the portal had not revealed itself. Long ago he ate most of the food in the storage jars and when they were almost empty he thought he would die of starvation.  Inexplicably the pangs of hunger left him and his flesh did not waste away. He slept deeply and soundly experiencing vivid dreams of celestial beings and feelings of déjà vu. He was cushioned on a pillow of white light but his spirit had become stuck, he was unable to rise to the other world. In his occasional periods of wakefulness he inspected the mummified body of the King but it was always inert.

Looking back at his life at the King’s Temple he felt comforted by memories of his wife, Priestess Chrislite, from the Temple of Light. In his imagination she beckoned to him and he ached to hold her. He visioned her with longing and as he gazed the silence of the pyramid was broken by a low humming noise. A tiny wisp of white light was increasing in intensity and breaking up into colours of the spectrum.

The humming grew louder until a rainbow cloud swirled into a huge bubble that floated down to the floor of the tomb. At first, the light coming from the bubble was so bright he could hardly look, but soon he could see inside. He gasped as he saw Chrislite standing before him, his heart nearly burst with love for her. Her hand rested on Tigerbrite’s head and she was bathed in golden light from the Tiger Spirit.

“My dearest Mani, I am so glad I have found you, I have searched for you through the planets and stars of the Universe never dreaming you were a prisoner here. More than two thousand earth years have passed since we were together in the kingdom of Khem. Darkness has fallen on the earth and I have been given the mission to restore peace and light to this planet. Come with me, Mani?  Shall we work together?”

“I loved you all my earthly life and it seems I have waited thousands of earth lifetimes to be with you again. I want to take this opportunity to serve, but the King’s body has not moved from this chamber and I do not know the whereabouts of his spirit.”

“The King’s etheric body has long since been shed on the astral plane and he has moved on in spiritual form. He no longer has any need of this earthly body. The time has come for you to end this vigil. You shall have a celestial body that can pass from the material to spirit at will, allowing us to operate in both realms.”

“I will not be parted from you any longer, Chrislite, we are twin souls. You look the same young woman you were when you became Priestess. Yet how can this be?”

“I wished to look as I was when we conceived our daughter. You too can project your image in spirit and for the material world as well. Imagine you are in the prime of your life when our daughter Magdalene was born.”

Mani journeyed back through his memory to the happy time when they celebrated heiros gamos. In his imagination he saw his reflection in the sacred pool at the Temple of Light. The years fell from him and he became the strong and handsome High Priest he had been.  Chrislite stepped towards him and their touch radiated an explosion of light.

“I will go with you wherever the mission takes us”.

“The skrying of the Moon Goddess found you here, Mani, and she is anxious to see you.  We must visit Moon centre without delay to brief our team in the Mission to Save Planet Earth and claim your inheritance, the ability to materialize and pass to spirit at will.”