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Almond Flower


Candyfloss blossoms

tumbled almond wood prunings

flowers to nut


Delicate beauty

fairies hide in clouds of pink

bestowing blessings


Almond Fairy


For Carpe Diem

Almond blossom is everywhere now.  Such a joy to see covering the countryside.  It is also the time for pruning the trees, taking off the dead wood and keeping them low so the nuts are easier harvest.

Land of the Fae


Star fairy flies the night

spirit shining clear and bright.

Her wand bestows the pins of light

that fall like blessings of delight.

Don’t wander into fairyland

as she offers you her fairy hand

nor suck sweetmeats divine

or sip of succulent victuals fine

because in enchanting magic grand

consciousness won’t understand

the world of Fae with no night or day

where human form should never stray.


Tales from the Vienna Woods


The theme is one to dance, to dream

Of fairies frolicking in the forest.

The zither calls them to the fairy ring

To waltz, to whirl, to twirl and sing.


Three quarter time is their delight

To dance with Strauss this moonlit night.

Come hither all you forest folk

And join the dance for you he wrote.


Crescendo notes meet  the night,

The glow of magic clear and bright

Notes tumble on the forest floor

Gaia wanting more and more.


Resounding with the Om of earth

The dance leaps on to stir new birth.

As the music plays its final fling

Fairies take flight on gossamer wing.


For now the song has rung its tune

And all that’s left is quiet and moon

The fairy glow gone from forest floor

Until  they dance in the woods once more.


Copyright Tigerbrite


Faerie Rade

It is dusk and the trees create long shadows on the dense woodland floor.  The old oak tree’s roots protrude from the earth; ivy has climbed the trunk and entwined its branches.  Nearby a leafy pathway winds its way through the trees flanked by bracken, brambles, ferns and bluebells.  This is the domain of the fey and the veil is lifting.

An owl hoots, a deer rustles in the undergrowth and a gentle breeze whispers through the leaves.  Enchanting music drifts through the air as coloured lanterns begin to bob between the trees.  The beautiful elven come into view, some are walking, others are on horseback, but all move with grace.  As they talk and laugh amongst themselves, their slanted eyes twinkle and their pointed ears protrude from their thick hair.  They have sumptuous flowing robes of coloured silk and velvet.

The horses are highly strung, their manes are plaited with tiny bells and their long tails flow out behind them as they move along on tiptoe.  The procession emanates an auric light and an overwhelming sense of love and peacefulness.   The Elf King and Queen ride by and dusk drifts into moonlight.   Moonbeams light up the glistening crystals in their crowns and catch the sparkling threads of their garments.

The last of the faerie folk file by, their cloaks trailing along the woodland pathway and their lanterns bob into the distance until all that is left of the Rade is the enchantment of the music not quite remembered.

Inspired by a Faerie Treasury

Jacky Newcomb and Alicen Geddes-Ward