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Ascent into the Sky

Dali  Ascent into the Sky 1950.

Reality exists in nothingness

everything else is eliminated

equilibrium in the night of God.


A drifting circle of dissolution

dissolving in universe’s substance

soft and tender in solar timelessness.


Remains of the ego, mind and matter

unravel into cosmic consciousness

feeding the causes of evolution.


Slowly the Not self’s divine pure spirit

is freed from desires of the senses

the serpent of superstition is slain.


Second death on the astral knows no pain

Joy in reconciliation again.


Ascent into the Sky by Salvador Dali


Posted for dVerse Form for All.

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Cadaques 1925


I have the perfect place from the proceeds of my Barcelona show.

A crumbling fisherman’s cottage on this craggy coast.

Port Lligat has light, shade and ever changing colour.

Open to the sea but closed from behind by mountains.

Love at first sight, I have lived here from the first moment.

The deafening silence broken rarely by a boat coming to land.

The house grows at my hand like a true biological structure

and my studio is now complete.

I took my boat to Cadaques to meet a poet.

There I saw the second love of my life, his wife.

As I sailed my boat home I dreamed of Venus.

We danced together on the water and she had Gala’s eyes.


Picture Prompt from The Mag by Tess Kincaid

Venus and the sailor by Salvador Dali 1925.

Dali would have been about 22 when he painted this and Gala 10 years older.

Real Life


Gala reflections, ripple on the inner planes, bringing strange magic.

Love of the artist, pictured in the mirror and captured on canvas.

Dali genius, brush strokes his beautiful muse, in telepathy.


She his sanity, protector and comforter, the love of twin soul.



The dVerse prompt to write a poem in form to look like free verse.



Good Friday

The sacrifice is made, the passion over.
The sky black with the rending of the veil.
Earth rocked with terrible tremor
As silent wailing pierced the whirling winds.

It is over, the light of the Sun snuffed out.
Spirit descending to Hades, the terrible underworld
where souls trapped in purgatory repent their sins.
Only He can enter there to redeem them.

He comes to the lowest of the seven hells
to cut the ties that bind and clear the Karma.
The stench of evil quashed by his silent hand
As the Magdalene weeps.

Verse Copyright Tigerbrite

Christ Crucified by Dali

This is a poem I wrote last year, posted again for Holy Week.