Pine Dust


Pollen of the pine

yellow dust blown on the breeze

covers everything


Thanks to a rainstorm

the terrace runs with custard

everything washed clean.


Prompt PINE from Haiku Heights


We don’t actually have any pines in our mediterranean garden (view from the study window above) but we do get the fall out from other gardens.  Everything gets covered in thick yellow dust.  It is such a blessing to have rain to wash everything clean because it is such slimy stuff to wash off the terraces and garden furniture.


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16 thoughts on “Pine Dust

  1. 4joy

    Interesting background note – I love to learn new things….Great photo, and haiku felt at first cloying, then free (to me)

    1. tigerbrite Post author

      I have visited your work often and enjoyed it. I am sorry I cannot leave you a comment because there is no space for a URL AND MY NAME.
      Blessings from Tiger xx

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