Good Friday

The sacrifice is made, the passion over.
The sky black with the rending of the veil.
Earth rocked with terrible tremor
As silent wailing pierced the whirling winds.

It is over, the light of the Sun snuffed out.
Spirit descending to Hades, the terrible underworld
where souls trapped in purgatory repent their sins.
Only He can enter there to redeem them.

He comes to the lowest of the seven hells
to cut the ties that bind and clear the Karma.
The stench of evil quashed by his silent hand
As the Magdalene weeps.

Verse Copyright Tigerbrite

Christ Crucified by Dali

This is a poem I wrote last year, posted again for Holy Week.

11 thoughts on “Good Friday

    1. tigerbrite Post author

      Hi fiveloaf, thanks for stopping by. There is a school of thought which believes that Jesus studied all religions and spent some time in India and Tibet. This is referred to in the Aquarian Gospel.

  1. Harry Nicholson

    Interesting poem. Mahayana Buddhism has an archetypal figure called ‘Ksitigarbha’ (trans: Earthwomb) who takes a vow to be eternally reborn in the hell realms in order to relieve suffering. He is dressed in rag robes and carries a staff.

    1. tigerbrite Post author

      I have not heard of Ksitigarbha. Sounds like an ascended master who gives himself to serve but knows that he is already redeemed. Takes a lot of suffering to do that. Like being a rock.

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