Tales from the Vienna Woods


The theme is one to dance, to dream

Of fairies frolicking in the forest.

The zither calls them to the fairy ring

To waltz, to whirl, to twirl and sing.


Three quarter time is their delight

To dance with Strauss this moonlit night.

Come hither all you forest folk

And join the dance for you he wrote.


Crescendo notes meet  the night,

The glow of magic clear and bright

Notes tumble on the forest floor

Gaia wanting more and more.


Resounding with the Om of earth

The dance leaps on to stir new birth.

As the music plays its final fling

Fairies take flight on gossamer wing.


For now the song has rung its tune

And all that’s left is quiet and moon

The fairy glow gone from forest floor

Until  they dance in the woods once more.


Copyright Tigerbrite


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