There are some very low vibrations on our Earth, not least greed, corruption, poverty-consciousness and violence.  Dark energy is threatening us and the earth must be cleansed.  It is time to build our bridge to our higher self by remembering we are spiritual beings having a material experience.  When our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves are integrated we will no longer crave purely material satisfaction, but the refreshment of the soul.

Focus on a bridge of light to strengthen your links with the soul.  For every step you take along the rainbow bridge the Masters and the Angels will take two towards you.  When you seem to be crawling slowly uphill overcoming tests and obstacles remember that the forces of light are willing you to succeed.  Gradually weave in thread upon thread of light until the bridge is broad, strong and unbreakable.  If we move towards the spiritual life, there will be a merging of personality and soul.  If we let go of our separateness we will draw more and more light to overcome the chaos of darkness.

Balance and calm confers great power, draws more serenity into our lives.  Breathe deeply the breath of life and bring universal healing energy to body and soul.  Bless that ugly building, snarling dog, the weed you are pulling out, the person who rages at you. Bless the sick with a reassuring touch.  Bless with understanding those who do not understand.  The universe will provide for all if we trust it to do so.  Our greatest power is our imagination; visualize every person on earth being safe, happy and content.

Do not rely on others to do this work, your bridge is important, when it is built you will have made your contribution to the raising up of mankind as well as the nurturing of your soul and you will find contentment.

Text Copyright Tigerbrite

Jacob’s Ladder William Blake

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  1. Flavia

    Hi Tigerbrite.

    I’ve just found you following a link from Claire’s page.

    I’ve a May fair to attend today. I’m on the cake stall., but I’ll be back.

    Flavia :-D

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