Atlantis to Avalon


Has lost Atlantis any bearing on our own island tradition of Merlin and Arthur and the drowned land of Lyonesse?

From the centre of the Atlantic, reaching out towards what is now Central America there was a great continent where the Root Race lived that succeeded the Lemurians and preceded our own.  There was a great civilization, built up with the help of the gods who then dwelt among men.   There was the City of the Golden Gates, of which the folk-lore of all races has a tradition.  This city, so we are told, was built upon the flanks of an extinct volcano on the sea-coast of the ancient land.  Behind it was a plain stretching back to the inland mountain ranges and an isolated pyramidal hill, shaped like a truncated cone, with one side sheared off into a precipice.  At its base that was a vast concourse of wattle huts that housed the bearers of burdens.  On the shoulder of the mountain lived the merchant and craftsman castes, and upon its flat top were the palaces and colleges of the sacred clan, which was divided into the military and the priesthood.

This sacred clan was most carefully segregated from the rest of the population, and its breeding was carried out under the supervision of the priests.  As soon as the boys were of an age to show their disposition, those who were deem fit were taken into the sacred colleges to be prepared for the priesthood, and those who were not predisposed for this discipline were sent to the military colleges.  The girls of the sacred stock were guarded with the greatest care and given in marriage to priests or soldiers according to their lineage and temperament. 

Thus the heritage of the sacred clan was kept pure, a carefully selected stock bred for the development of those rarer powers of the mind so highly esteemed among the ancients and so little understood nowadays – the powers which enabled the Greeks and Egyptians to discover the basis of modern astronomy and atomic theory of chemistry and the cellular structure of organic matter, without the aid of any of the instruments of modern science.

The Atlanteans were great navigators and traded from the Black Sea to the Pacific, they were also great colonizers, and wherever they planted their colonies they brought their priests and their altars.  They were Sun-worshippers of giant stature and adored the Lord and Giver of life in open circular temples, paved with great flagstone of marble and basalt.   Their architecture was of the cyclopean type – great blocks of dressed stone that no primitive man could have handled.

 Now what of Avalon in connection with this story?  Is there a possibility that in the legends of Merlin and the drowned lands of Lyonesse we are touching the history of lost Atlantis?  Is it possible that Merlin was an Atlantean priest-initiate and in presiding at the birth of Arthur was carrying out the Atlantean custom of the kings bred for wisdom?  In order to bring the higher consciousness of the evolved Atlantean race into the Celtic tribes of the colonized island did Merlin, in defiance of the strict laws of the sacred clan, cross the Atlantean stock on the Celt and so breed Arthur.  And was Morgan le Fay, the half-sister of Arthur and witch-woman learned in all sciences, a pure bred Atlantean?  Is the streak of psychism that runs through the Celtic race due to the Atlantean blood introduced by the daring experiments of Merlin after his own race was sunk in the sea?

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