You are Christine Margaret

I’m your muse and companion

Tigerbrite who lives with you

now and many lifetimes ago.


You are very secretive you know

lots of strange diagrams you draw

and weave stories of fantasy fiction

in imaginary worlds of planetary addiction


The fire priest of Mars fascinates you

Cosmic Christos behind the sun too

The Empress of Venus all dressed in green

reveals her beauty triumphantly seen


The moon goddess too is a beautific sight

in her silvery castle lit up at night

Imagination is a wonderful thing

and yes, you also like to sing.


Brian at dVerse asks us for a self protrait

Photo by Tigerbrite






Wail of the Banshee

Vibrates on the Inner Planes

spirits are passing


“Banshee” (in Gaelic bean sidhe) originally meant “woman of the fairies”.

For Carpe Diem

Picture The Bean Sidhe by Pairaka

Chain of Restraint


From fiery Mars Elohim Gibbor frees form

from the mighty power of the Sword.

Rigidity released in the sacrificial act.

Through the gate of death into Daath

consciousness is concentrated out of Karma.


Red hot Fire of destruction burns

so idealism is balanced by realism

the priest of the sacred scourge

defies that which is temporal

leaving the eternal and incorporeal.


Psychological and cosmic machinery

converts sacrifice to spiritual substance

releasing its energy to the Inner Planes.

The Chain of restraint rebuffs Te’omiel

two headed giant of the Qliphoth.


At dVerse Anthony invites us to take a picture prompt


Heat Shimmer


In shimmering haze

a mirage crosses the road

on melting tarmac


In the 40C heat of summer heat haze is often seen on the road here in Spain.  Reflected by the sun the humidity can create strange moving images.

Imaged sourced from Google artist unknown.

Posted for Carpe Diem.



Carpe Diem Tan Renga


Daffodils open

nodding appreciation

and scenting the breeze


For the raindrops


Raindrops pattering

daffodils drip with moisture

Springtime refreshment.


Photo borrowed from Carpe Diem